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Since being founded in 1947, Jallatte has grown to become one of the biggest competitors in the European safety boot industry, showcasing a range of safety boots, safety shoes and rigger boots which will keep your feet safe, warm and protected with ease. Check out our range of Jallatte safety footwear for sale at Snickers Direct now. 
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Jallatte J0266 Jalaska Tan Leather Rigger Boots
Jallatte J0266 Jalaska Tan leather Rigger Boot with Steel Toe CapsModel: J0266 DescriptionJalas..
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalarcher Black Safety BootsModel: JJV28- DescriptionThe Jalllatte Jalarcher is made f..
Jallatte Jaloscar Safety Shoes
Jallatte Jaloscar Work Shoes with Steel Toe Caps & Composite MidsoleModel: JDR01- Descripti..
Jallatte Jalpole GORE-TEX Rigger Boots
Jallatte Jalpole GORE-TEX Rigger BootsModel: JJS11- DescriptionJalpole Safety boot uses a uniqu..
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalsiberien GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV33 DescriptionJalsiberien Safety boot uses ..
Jallatte Jalosbern Composite Safety Boots J0662
Jallatte Jalosbern Composite Safety BootsModel: J0662- DescriptionThe Jallatte Jalosbern is a t..
Jallatte Jalroche GORE-TEX Safety Boots JJV01
Jallatte Jalroche GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV01 DescriptionJalroche Safety boot uses a uniq..
Jallatte Jalfrigg J0652 Rigger Boots
Jallatte Jalfrigg Rigger Boots Composite Toe Caps & MidsoleModel: J0652 DescriptionJalfrigg..
Jallatte Jalterre GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalterre GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJV45 DescriptionJalterre Safety boot uses a uniq..
Safety Shoes With Composite Toe Caps & Midsole 14-17 Metal Free
Safety Shoes With Composite Toe Caps & Midsole 14-17 Metal Free Model X5XXL  ..
Jallatte Jalartic J0257 Rigger Boots
Jallatte Jalartic Rigger Boots Steel Toe Cap & MidsoleModel: J0257 DescriptionJalartic..
Jallatte Jalbox JJE19 Rigger Boots
Jallatte Jalbox Rigger BootsModel: JJE19 DescriptionThe Jallatte Jalbox Rigger boots are a..
Jallatte Jalirok SAS Safety Boot with Composite Toe Caps
Jallatte Jalirok SAS Safety Boot with Composite Toe CapsModel Jallatte Jalirok SAS JJE17 Descri..
Jallatte Jalsalix Composite JJE16 Rigger Boots
Jallatte Jalsalix Composite Rigger BootsModel: JJE16- DescriptionThe Jallatte Jalsalix is ..
Jallatte JJE23 Jalacer GORE-TEX Safety Boots
Jallatte Jalacer GORE-TEX Safety BootsModel: JJE23 DescriptionJalacer Safety boot uses a u..
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